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  • New Feature: Added Hybrid as a work model option


  • Bug fixed: Tech-Skill Recommendations aren’t shown when registering



  • Bug fixed: deleting a User with a reported placement returns an error



  • Bug fixed: No Matches are shown after registration



  • Bug fixed: Software Department Page crashes upon opening a ticket



  • Bug fixed: Applying to a public job ad works again correctly
  • Bug fixed: Registration via public job ad now redirects to the new signup page



  • Some Translation fixes


  • Some fixes to improve the usability of our integrations


  • Some Bug fixes that prevented the matches from loading after registering



  • The industry fields are now available in English
  • The language fields are now available in English

Bug fixing

  • Bug fixed: Employment type is only shown in German
  • Bug fixed: non-invoiced Company can’t edit jobs
  • Bug fixed: Email still shows outdated fields as “not matchable”



  • Enhanced CI pipeline
  • Refactoring of old frontend components

Bug fixing

  • Bug fixed: Old links leading to the registration have been replaced
  • Bug fixed: Correct naming of all tabs und URLs
  • Bug fixed: Logo in registration is linked to landingpage
  • Bug fixed: Correct background color on all pages
  • Bug fixed: Button styling in profile is repaired



  • New registration page for higher performance and faster loading results


Payment Service

  • New interface and new naming of pricing models


  • Salary can be given in the currency “dollar” or “euro”, but matching is still only according to the numbers


  • In the successful match card, the “Exclude company” button should not be displayed, because you can no longer exclude the company in a successful match

Bug fixing

  • Bug fixed: Correct naming of all tabs und URLs
  • Bug fixed: Sidebar is working in the job board
  • Bug fixed: Link for Greenhouse documentation is working
  • Bug fixed: Support links in settings are working


Apps and Integrations

  • Greenhouse is available for teams
  • Refactoring of Personio


  • Team member with “Target Access” has access to salary details
  • A salary can now be given up to 300,000 €
  • The range of a salary in the dropdown depends on what the user has previously selected for a contract type


  • The most popular skills on the platform are dynamically evaluated and displayed as suggestions
  • A developer can change his location in Business Card via a new Edit-Icon 


Payment Service

  • Hot Fix: When a customer activates the second trial period, his account will be invoiced for 24 hours


Payment Service

  • Improvement for “Pay Per Match”: the statistics of candidates who have booked into a Dev Track must be counted as part of the applications
  • Improvement: Existing customers with no active price model get the possibility to active the 2. trial period
  • Improvement for “Pay Per Match”: Customers do not have to pay for Supermatches, which they declined first


  • Remove PubSub



  • Hot Fix: Footer on job page no longer covers the content
  • Hot Fix: Links on payment page for “Pay per Hire” and “Pay per Match” are working


Payment Service

  • Hot Fix: When user selects price model “Pay per Hire” the account stay invoiced after end of trial period



  • Improve loading speed at the interview page
  • Bug fixed: Publish a dev track fast and without error message



  • Bug fixed: Sign Up with Google

  • Add logo in mobile header


Payment Service

  • The admin of a team can withdraw his cancellation of the pricing model

  • The price model “Standard” can be paid without entering payment data



  • Intelligent salary recommendation: If a person has no more matches, the person gets an individual salary recommendation calculated by us, which he can take over in the profile to get new matches

  • Bug fixed: The public profile of a developer is available


Payment Service

  • From now on stripe will be used as payment service

  • The admin of a team can set on the payment page:

    • View the current pricing model

    • View all pricing models

    • Upgrade the current pricing model

    • Cancel the current pricing model

    • Enter a payment method (Mastercard, Visa, American Express ect.) or SEPA Direct Debit

    • View and download billing history

  • Payments are deducted automatically

  • Invoices are generated automatically

  • New layout of the payment page



  • The registration starts with a new page

  • New order of questions

  • The question about the level is removed

  • The question about the software area is removed

  • The question about match preferences is removed

  • The dropdown fields are already filled out by default


Dev Track

  • Improvement: Layout changes in a Dev Track card to highlight the date and to reduce secondary informations
  • Improvement: Layout changes on the page intro to look more appealing and to reduce text
  • Improvement: Company can view all the information about the general dev track process, clicking on the link “How it works”
  • Improvement: Company can view specific information about one Dev Track, clicking on the “Info”-button in the card
  • Improvement: Company can open a preview to see that the slot has been booked and when the profile of the participant will be visible
  • Bug fixed: Company can view the specific job details which belongs to a Dev Track
  • Bug fixed: Calendar Event for Dev Track is downloaded correctly as ics file, even if there is a dot in the title



  • A team can decline a person on multiple jobs at the same time

  • A developer can exclude a company from matching in order to no longer receive existing and future matches with this company



  • A team can create a scheduled or a live video meeting in chat

  • When a new calendar invitation is sent, the person is notified via email

  • When a new video meeting is sent, the person will be notified via email

  • Bug fixed: All team member profile pictures are loaded

  • Bug fixed: In the tab “Pending” the sent message is displayed

  • Improved design of the chat


Dev Track

  • All participants can add the Dev Track to their calendar



  • Start of a public changelog

  • Launch of a public feedback wall View



  • Refactoring of the global chat

  • Messages are sorted between active, pending and archived chat

  • Layout design has been improved for desktop, tablet and mobile

  • Message design has been improved

  • System message design has been improved

  • All participants are displayed in the chat

  • The profile picture of the user is displayed for each message

  • The job can be opened in the chat

  • The profile can be opened in the chat

  • Teams can send calendar invitations

Start of our public changelog | 05-10-22