Social media. Or, how I hire developers via my network.


We want to simplify the application process for developers and give your jobs more reach. Our team has been working hard on this idea for the last few weeks and we’re happy to introduce the new Public Job Ads feature to you today.

Social Recruiting through range

Accelerate application processes and reduce obstacles in the application process

is an important step towards the digital recruiting of the future.

With this new feature, we have decided to open to the outside world and make it available to everyone.

From now on, all jobs on are publicly visible and anyone interested has the opportunity to apply directly via the job ad.

Social recruiting is becoming increasingly popular. According to a study by Capterra, nearly 75 percent of workers aged 18-34 found their last job through social media.

Reach out to developers who aren’t actively looking. Grow your network of potential candidates and reach more followers by sharing jobs through your company’s social media channels.

Pro tip: In addition to the company’s network, use your network or that of one of your team members to increase your reach.

Increased reach will also bring your job posting to the attention of people who are interested in high level positions.

Social recruiting means putting a face to a job description. It helps to see a contact person and connect them to the job. Information shared or liked by your own network is more trustworthy and therefore more interesting for developers.

Generate job ads and share them for free.

You don’t have to create job ads manually or with additional online tools. Once you create a job on, it is publicly available.

Eliminate the need for paid job ads – share the job ad directly on LinkedIn, Xing and Twitter. Link to the public job ad on your website, in emails, or on social media so that potential applicants are aware of your ad and can access the link directly.

With a web-optimized view, the job can also be easily and quickly accessed on a smartphone, so applying on the go is no longer a problem.

Direct applications are free of charge

Developers can actively apply directly to the job ad. To complete the application, applicants create a profile on The profile is designed to meet the specific requirements of developers. A person’s tech skills, level and work experience are given more weight here than in traditional profiles. The application with a profile is mature enough to replace the classic resume.

Applicants who register on via your public job advertisement can be hired for free.

What has changed in the application process? Nothing – active applicants are treated the same as all other developers. You can recognize an active application by the blue label. What has changed, however, are the costs.

As soon as both the company and the developer are interested, a match is created and you can exchange ideas in the chat. If you reject an application, the person is automatically notified.



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