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Docker, IoT, Blockchain, Microservice…. Such countless new terms and practices are being sent off each day, that it can appear to be hard to keep awake to speed with the most recent patterns and necessities. Your tech stack is constantly growing. Tech recruiters, engineering, and squad teams know this, so they search for an agenda, more than a checklist.

A tech stack or solutions stack is mainly a collection of software services that are used for application development.

A web stack requires software specifically necessary for web application development. An application stack, conversely, generally requires various contrasting programming to run a functional application, as well as the product that relates to the framework of the application’s running situation.

Some tech stacks are famous to the point that they have chosen acronyms to portray their status. The acronym LAMP is a renowned example of a technology stack best suited for Linux. LAMP stands for the following four open-source software components like Linux, Apache, MySQL & PHP/Perl/Python. There are a lot of other acronyms like MEAN, MERN, MEVN, etc.

To bulk up your job search, thought it would be better to list some general-purpose programming languages and stacks which the current tech world seeks. Check them out:


  • CSS, HTML, JavaScript, and jQuery
  • Strong understanding of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and UI/UX
  • Experience with graphic design software i.e Adobe Illustrator or InDesign


  • Solid knowledge of Java, JavaScript, Python, Node.js or PHP
  • MongoDB, MySQL or NoSQL databases

Quality Analysts

  • Basic understanding of coding languages such as Java, PHP or Python
  • Good to know the Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) and/or Test Driven Development (TDD)
  • Advantage if the applicant has experience with test management software like Hiptest, qTest, Zephyr and so on


  • Kubernetes to automate deployment, maintenance and scaling of groups of containers.
  • Docker- a free and open source platform to build, ship and run an application as a lightweight container
  • AWS with a preference towards managed services
  • Python with Boto for calling AWS APIs
  • Bash for quick scripts

Apart from these, Jenkins, Istio, Ansible etc are also very popular as tech stack for DevOps.

Serverless stack

Serverless architectures use function-as-a-service (FaaS) offerings

  • AWS Lambda
  • Google Functions
  • Azure Functions

to package, deploy, and execute the logic of the running systems.

A tech stack is a complete package of web frameworks, programming languages, servers, operating systems, databases, etc. that are used to develop and run a web or mobile app. For instance, if you’ve built a website application using Python and hosted it on an Apache web server, then Python and Apache are the elements of the website’s tech stack.

Next week I will share an idea of how to choose the right tech stack according to the job and also will share some tips to describe the tech stack in your resume perfectly.

Bis dahin, Happy Coding!



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