One team. One mission.

We want to get people all over the world quickly and easily into jobs that make them happy. People should follow their passion and develop their full potential. That’s what we do our best for every day.

Our Team

We love everything related to software development! We have a passion for the perfect job and we strive every day to develop and achieve our goal.


More than a founder.
Master of continuity, visionary & fries lover.


More than a co-founder.
Strategist, business head & acting Christmas fairy.


More than a project manager.
Office fee, digital media expert & our green conscience.


More than a developer.
Cat lover, fun-loving mathematician & doctor of graph algorithms.


More than a Designer
Creative thinker, Problem solver, Anime lover & Fries addict


More than a Social Creative.
Creative creativity, chocolate connoisseur & woman-in-tech.⁠


More than a project assistant.
Language guru, bookworm & baking enthusiast.


More than a Marketing Manager
Marketing strategist, Problem solver & Sheesha enthusiast


More than an Assistant marketing manager
Performance marketing expert, social media expert, and chai lover


More than a Developer
Passionate about coding. Helping developers to never code alone.


More than a developer
Problem solver and powder snow fan

Our Mindset

Our approach is straightforward – to build up a platform for Software developers where they connect directly with the tech industry. The idea circulates around having this one platform which serves as a bridge between developers and all the industry drivers. The approach is to look beyond the conventional approach of resource hiring and building up links between all the industry players. It goes beyond a job marketplace and includes networking, sharing and cohesive learning amongst all industry players. Absolute transparency.

How do we meet that agenda? Our team’s main focus is on providing superior customer value by making the platform as inclusive and accessible as possible for every developer.

Our culture is an essential and crucial constituent of what one could call operational excellence. Puzzled? Well, encouraging creative thinking and making mistakes in the name of innovation is what leads to the best product formulation. Our focus is on meeting consumer desires via modern thinking, taking innovative stances and out of the box thinking. That’s how we mainly uphold our core values here at

What we stand for

1. Trust

We put ourselves in the position of those around us, trust the decisions of our colleagues, and have each other’s backs when it matters.

2. Support

We treat each other with respect and understanding. Us, our colleagues, our neighbours, our families and fellow human beings. To be happy together, to support each other and to grow.

3. Focus

We have our goal in mind and align our actions and decisions accordingly. The demands we place on ourselves and our results are high. In order to do justice to this, each and every one of us always starts with ourselves

4. Personality

We do not differentiate whether you are doing an internship with us or whether you are a co-founder. Once you’re with us, you’re part of We are interested in your mindset, your thoughts and your ideas.

5. Error Culture

Either we win or we learn. Mistakes are the key to success. We never make enough mistakes.

6. Extra Mile

We want to learn and get better every day. We are proactive, fast and want to move forward. We are ready to give everything for our goal.

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