Personally meeting in 25 minutes with Dev Track.

Try out the Dev Track and get to know each other live.

For Companies

You get to know matching developers.
We take care of the rest.

Low effort

No need for long preparations. Simply state when you have time and who will participate from your team.

Qualified selection

Only developers whose skillset and requirements match your job and expectations can participate.

Fast exchange
A 25-minute get-to-know-session is without obligation and enables developers to attend during their lunch break.

In 4 steps to the Dev Track

Create Dev Track

Companies can create a Dev Track for an existing jobs or create a new job and add a Dev Track at the end.

Book a slot

Once a dev track is created, suitable developers can book slots. 1 hour before the start of the scheduled Dev Track the profiles of the developers will become visible.

The video interview

Both companies and developers will receive a private video link to participate in the Dev Track.

The decision

At the end of a Dev Track, a decision can be made in the chat whether both sides want a second interview.

Customized for your job.
Free for all.

The Dev Track is free

Get to know each other personally in just 25 minutes

No effort in advance

Perfect for at-home and remote interviews

No cover letter or scheduling of appointments necessary

Booking system with integrated video platform​

Video platform

stackstream is a live streaming platform. Made for private and public exchange in the field of coding and development.


With a account you automatically have access to the video platform stackstream and do not have to register again.

Slots for participants

Up to 5 developers can participate in a dev track. Interested parties book a slot in the specified time frame.

Private video call

You, your team members and the participating developers will receive a private link to join the video call.

For Developers

Find out if a company matches you
easily and quickly.

Little effort

No long preparation necessary. Simply book yourself a free slot.

One slot in 25 minutes
You will only receive invitations from companies that match your ideas.
Quick exchange

Everything happens digitally. You can take part from anywhere and at any time.


Dev Track

A virtual tech speed dating to get to know each other quickly. A company can allocate up to 5 slots, each 25 minutes, to talk to developers through a video call. The Dev Track was created in collaboration with and to facilitate interaction between companies and developers.

The company adds a Dev Track when creating a job or creates a Dev Track separately.

After the creation of a Dev Track, suitable developers receive an invitation and can book a free slot.

Both sides receive a private video link that is activated on the day of the event.

After the Dev Track is finished, both sides can chat with each other via

Only suitable developers receive an invitation to the Dev Track. On the other hand, developers only receive invitations to Dev Tracks with jobs that fit them.

No, a private room will be created. Only users with the link can access the meeting. When the host accepts the request, the new person can enter.

We notify the company by email when a candidate has booked a free slot.

After the Dev Track, a private chat between the company and the developers takes place and both sides can go into further coordination.

The Dev Track was freshly developed by the team with great passion and attention to detail. This feature is provided free of charge to all users.

Companies can cancel a Dev Track. All participants will automatically receive an email. Editing will be possible at a later date. Developers cannot currently cancel or change a slot they have booked.

The profiles of the participants will be visible 1 hour before the start of the scheduled Dev Track.

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