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If you are familiar with the programming language or software development or any kind of web development industry, you must have heard about Python. Python is a general-purpose programming language that can be used on any modern computer operating system. It can be used for processing text, numbers, images, scientific data and just about anything else you might save on a computer. It is both a scripting language and programming language. A scripting language works on the basis of automating a repeated task such as the execution of a procedure or program.

For those of you familiar with Java or C++, Python will break the mould you have built for a typical programming language. My today’s article is not about how you can learn Python quickly or suggesting any platform to learn this. Before learning this, everybody should know what is Framework, what is Library and the difference between library and framework. Let’s learn about all of these together in this article and we will keep learning on this topic week by week. 

Shall we?


A framework is an organised set of tools and libraries that help you accomplish things in a specific way, sometimes with less code. It represents some abstract design, with more behaviour built in. In order to use it you need to insert your behaviour into various places in the framework either by subclassing or by plugging in your own classes. The framework’s code then calls your code at these points.

The key difference between a library and a framework is “Inversion of Control”. When a function calls a method from a library, that function is “in control”, as it is the location of execution. But with a framework, it’s the other way around: the framework calls a function and, thus, is “in control”.

Let’s think about this example: 

Imagine that you had opened a burger restaurant in your city a while ago. But you feel it’s so hard to make a burger as a beginner. You were thinking about an easy way to make burgers for customers. Someone told you that if you use a framework, you can make burgers easily. and you got to know that there are McDuck Burger Framework and BurgerQueen Burger Framework.

If you use the McDuck Burger Framework, it’s so easy to make a Big Macau burger. On the other hand, if you use BurgerQueen Burger Framework, it’s so easy to make Rhopper Burger. (however, you cannot make Big Macau and vice versa)

Anyway, in the end, they are all burgers. An important thing here is, you have to follow their framework’s rules to make burgers. otherwise, you feel even harder to make it or won’t be able to make it.

Apart from this, you also heard that there is something called Simple Burger-Patty Library.

If you use this Library, you can make whatever burger patty so easily (X2 speed). It doesn’t really matter if you use McDuck Burger Framework or BurgerQueen Burger Framework. Either way, you can still use this Simple Burger-Patty Library.

Do you see the difference between Framework vs Library?

Till now, that’s all from my side. I hope, now my readers, especially those who are newbies in the programming world, get a clear understanding between these two basic but most important concepts. Next week, I will come with detailed information about the python framework, its related Library and other stuff.

Till then, happy coding!



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