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Starter Pricing Model

Find out here how the Starter pricing model works and how your monthly invoices are made up.

How it works

Pay only when a developer accepts the match with your job.

It’s very simple: As soon as our algorithm has calculated a match with your job and a developer, this match is sent out to both sides. You can view all matches and accept the developers you want to meet.

This is free of charge for you.

Developers can also view all matches and apply to the jobs they find interesting. So if a developer accepts a match with your job, it counts as an application – regardless of your reaction to it.

That's what you will be charged for.

Forms of application

Developers can apply for your job in 2 different ways.

Developer accepts the match with you first

If a developer is the first to accept the match, that match becomes an application. If you also accept, a two-way match is created and you can chat with each other.

Developer accepts your match request

If you like a profile, accept the match. This match will now be shown to the developer in a prioritized manner. As soon as the person accepts your match request, this is also counted as an application.

Transparent invoicing

It is important to us that you can understand our invoicing.

You can reject developers from your match stack at any time – regardless of whether it is still a match or already an application. If you reject a match first, the developer can only respond after you. Therefore, we do not charge you for them.

This is free of charge for you.


If a developer has responded first and applied to your job, you’ll recognize them by the green marking on the match card. This application will be charged – regardless of whether you accept or reject the application.

That's what you will be charged for.

Hire smart, pay

Hire for free

Pay only when a developer applies to your job. The rest of the process including the placement is free.

No base fee

There is no basic fee, so you only pay €79 for hiring a new team member.

Unlimited usage

Create unlimited jobs and invite unlimited team members.

Unlimited matches

Get matches instantly - unlimited and free. If a developer is interested in the job and applies, you pay €79.

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