A mathematician and a bee meet



We hear it everywhere – digitization is the future, it’s on the rise. We love new technologies and we love our environment. Combine the two and you can use artificial intelligence to create an optimal habitat for bees. Because without bees there is no diversity in nature, and without reinvention and further development there is no diversity in technology. Have fun reading! Ivy

How artificial intelligence prevents bee mortality

Whether due to disease, pesticides or climate change, large portions of the bee population die every year. Thanks to artificial intelligence, this can now be prevented. The system recognizes warning signs early on and can initiate appropriate actions to eliminate parasites or regulate the temperature. Bee mortality is not only minimized, optimal living conditions are created to save our planet.

Lina – buys a piece of land just for her Beewise Container.

Save the bees now.

Mathematicians are the better developers

At least that’s the feeling Joma Tech gives us in his video in which he programs a donut in the terminal. We know from our mathematician Sven that if you have an understanding of mathematics, it’s easier to learn programming languages. And if you want to do computer graphics, machine learning or cryptography, mathematics helps too. But for 99% of all cases it is not necessary.

Ela – is ordering an abacus right now.

Take a look here.

Computer science as a mandatory subject

The demand for developers continues to grow. The solution: Make computer science a mandatory subject from the 5th grade in German schools. At least, that’s what the majority of participants in a Bitkom survey are calling for. Hopefully, the result will be an army of IT specialists who will really pimp the country.

Lina – gets the Time-Turner to learn computer science at school, too.

Read the article here. (German)

Facebook conquers the home office

Oculus and Facebook have unveiled their new virtual workspace. Simply put on the VR glasses, scan the work surface and everything is transferred directly into the virtual room. Digital meetings will thus become even more interactive in the future.

Charly – has already set up his virtual workplace.

Take a look behind the scenes.

Who writes code themselves anymore?

With their new and improved version of Codex, OpenAI launches a program that can turn human speech into code.The same technology can be found in GitHub’s Copilot from our last issue. Codex can write complex programs and even games through simple commands. Programming has just reached the next level – right?

Charly – now writes the product himself.

Take a look here.



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