AI or Paint – Picasso 2.0?


Issue No. 09/22


We hope the blisters on your feet from dancing into may have healed well – ours still hurt. Nevertheless, we have put together a list of captivating topics for you! If you need some tips and tricks on your next robot project, here is a hint, keep reading. 😉 Additionally, we have updates on Musk and his Twitter takeover, a Git tutorial and a new OpenAl tool on board! Enjoy reading, Ivy

Robot Operating System

Have you ever thought about how robots are implemented? An initially scientific-based eco-system called ROS (Robotic Operating Systems, Open Source) brings functional libraries and tools to implement algorithms and functions efficiently. For example, the iRobot is based on ROS and uses powerful simulation capabilities from ROS to reduce time-to-market. Btw: this is an excellent read.

Stefan – launches his own line of vacuum cleaner robots soon.

IPO instead of edit button

We already reported in our last issue that Elon Musk wants to take over Twitter. Now, in addition to a concrete offer, there are already plans for changes after the takeover – even though the takeover has not yet been finalized. But one thing is certain: if the deal goes through as desired, a lot will change at Twitter, in true Elon Musk fashion. Whether for the better or worse remains to be seen.

Lina – not sure yet if she’s deleting Twitter or not.

Read more here. (German)

Picasso Reborn

Let’s be honest here, who wouldn’t want to draw and paint like an expert? But considering the whole effort – phew, I’d rather use leet code then … In the near future this issue will luckily be part of the past. OpenAI’s DALL·E can create completely new images from simple text captions. Quickly join the waiting list and keep your fingers crossed because maybe you will have a “self-painted” picture for your mom for Mother’s Day 😉

Tim – is keeping his easel in his basement for good now.

How to Git

Tutorials are a dime a dozen. From unnecessary “how to always roll a 6” tutorials to useful “how to moonwalk” guides, you can find anything. Here we have found a very helpful Git tutorial that briefly and clearly explains how to maintain and clean up outdated branches to create a better overview. This way you can instantly bring some order into the whole (temporary) chaos called software development.

Ela – is getting her life back on track.

Are robots taking over Flink?

45 seconds per order. This is how long the machines of the Robot-Start-up Noyes are supposed to take to put together orders for delivery services like Flink and Gorillas. Intelligent robots save space as well as time in automated warehouses, which is why this storage system is already high in demand and according to the founders the solution to make delivery services profitable.

Beyza – is expecting her Flink orders to arrive under 30 seconds from now on.

Read the whole article here. (German)



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