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“Silicon Wadi” is the Israeli equivalent of California’s Bay Area. The core fields of the founders there are FinTec, security and artificial intelligence. No other country in the world has such a dense, flourishing startup scene as Israel. So it’s no wonder that you’ll be hooked if you dedicate your thesis to the topic of Israeli startups. 

And then take that very thesis as a springboard into the tech startup world. BEAM! Today, Manuela Sayin, co-founder of the fully automated platform, brings developers and companies together quickly and easily. Her business pool: software developers and HR.  Do you also think WOW? Exactly. So do we. 

On 09/18 at 08:30 online on nushu Female Business.

Manuela Sayin has years of corporate experience in the financial industry and has worked as a consultant, executive and authorized signatory, among other positions. Today, she is co-founder of a startup that has developed a matching technology for tech jobs.



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