Bye-bye local dev environment. Hello human-understandable machine language?


Issue No. 13/21


Autumn is coming to an end and the cold season is just around the corner! Now that we’re all sitting inside more often, we might as well educate ourselves a bit – right?This issue will be about Assembler – why are compilers so important and why doesn’t the computer understand our language directly? We also have a robot arm from MIT and the open source robot Stack-chan – so you don’t have to be all alone at home in the cold season . Oh yeah – have you heard of Glitch? No? Well then it’s about time! Enjoy reading, Ivy

Higher Programming Languages are for Beginners – Try Assembler

Most programmers are only familiar with the high level languages in their usual IDE, but what happens to the source code? At first it is incomprehensible gibberish to the computer, but thanks to the compiler it becomes comprehensible to the machine. Some compilers first convert the code into assembler code (“human understandable” version of machine language). Here is a simple function in Assembler code:

Photo by Frame of Essence via Youtube

Sophia – three weeks into her computer science degree and already six weeks behind.

This is supposed to be “human understandable”?! Here is a simple explanation.

Never look for keys again thanks to machine learning

That’s because the prototype robotic arm from MIT finds every object using RFID tags. Machine learning is used to identify the right signal, move objects out of the way and check that the right object has been picked up. In the process, the AI, camera, antenna, and arm itself are completely connected and require no special setup. We’re excited to see the prototype in action!

Ela – ordering a roll of RFID stickers later.

Read more here

Goodbye local dev environment?

When looking for a way to code online, you come across Glitch, a platform to implement a web project in the browser and deploy it directly. Perfect to start with a new framework like Node.js or React or to try out an idea, because Glitch Editor works in real time and without any setup. Thumbs up because it can be done for free. Small improvement request: loading other projects from the community takes a very long time.

Lucie – now glitching from UX/UI design to frontend.

Photo by Glitch via

Here’s the landing page

This open-source robot is your perfect home-office companion

Little Stack-Chan, as Japanese Shinya Ishikawa calls his latest project, is a “super kawaii” robot about the size of your palm – super adorable and cute in that Stack-Chan mimics various facial expressions or talks to you. The project is open source and easy to replicate.

Philipp – trades his cat for a Stack-Chan.

Click here for the repo

Ivy’s Branch

Wenn die Kurven keine Grenzen kennen

No matter whether Apple or Samsung are ahead in the race again, Samsung has released a board with the Odyssey Gaming Monitor – figuratively speaking, of course, vegetables should be cut on a real cutting board Whether the monitor is worth it? We will see. This unboxing video makes a promising impression.



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