Case Study – How technology and mindset lead Wechselpilot to success.


Hiring a developer within 3 weeks? Not a rarity at The Hamburg-based startup Wechselpilot quickly found what it was looking for via the job matching platform – and without a traditional HR department. Here, technology and mindset are central building blocks of success. Within a very short period of time, the team leads conducted interviews with 16 potential candidates and hired a 100% match:

  • > 50% time savings for Wechselpilot through the curated matches.
  • 18.000 € cost saving for Wechselpilot due to complete automation. (No headhunter. No HR)

Less sourcing, more hiring.

Wechselpilot was urgently looking for a frontend developer. For months. Even with the help of a headhunter. A frustrating process that did not lead to success despite interviews and trial work days. After Wechselpilot also put the headhunter ad acta, things suddenly moved very quickly. And the required profile was not too specific after all.

“After a long, unsuccessful search, working with was exactly the right decision. Our job ad was created quickly and through intelligent matching, provided us exclusively with great candidates. We thus found our developer in a playful and uncomplicated way.”

Maximilian Both, Co-founder of Wechselpilot

The combination of data-driven recommendations, speed and a startup mindset played a key role:

  1. Test – Breaking new ground in recruiting
  2. Learn – Getting to know new technologies
  3. Consistency – Not be held back by setbacks and be determined
  4. Speed – Simplify processes and be agile

Shorter processes, more feedback.

“Increasing effectiveness and efficiency, reducing costs and improving quality – these are the most important goals of many companies today. And yet many companies have convoluted and time-consuming recruitment processes. And often don’t appear agile. Developers want simpler processes and more feedback,” Gilles Scheuren, head of marketing at not only connects partner companies like Wechselpilot with developers in real time, the job matching platform also offers a real-time exchange with its chat function. This creates a different dynamic. is recruitment in real time.

Breaking old patterns.

The negligence of digitalization in recruitment is a wound that is just bursting open as a result of the pandemic. And it is precisely at this time that it is important to break old patterns. Move away from headhunters. Months of searching. Unsuitable candidates. Inefficient processes. Digital bridges must be built to the target group, because otherwise there will be nothing left but hot air and frustration. These solutions should be intelligent in order to keep the recruiting process efficient and reduce costs.

About Wechselpilot

Wechselpilot, founded in 2016 by energy market experts Jan Rabe and Maximilian Both, takes care of German households’ electricity and gas contracts. From tariff comparison and the switching process to communication with suppliers, the switching assistant takes care of every step. Wechselpilot is financed by a service fee and thus remains independent of the market. Stiftung Warentest rates the service as “highly recommended” (04/2019), and the German Institute for Service Quality awarded it the German Service Prize in 2020.

About is a job matching platform that, since its creation in 2019, has been developing a technology that matches developers with innovative companies. An algorithm makes the hiring process faster and more objective: matches in seconds, real-time exchanges, avoiding wrong decisions and reducing discrimination. Over 2,000 developers from Germany are registered on



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