Decentralization or Edit Button – which is more likely?


Issue No. 08/22


We hope you had a relaxing Easter time! We brought you some exciting new topics again. Among other things, we discuss whether Twitter will really get an edit button – or, even better, should?! We also have new Atlassian products in store (hello linking through Data Lakes 🙋), a decentralized alternative to Twitter, and stackstream’s new Discord server! Enjoy reading, Ivy

Finally being able to edit tweets – or not?

After several years, Twitter has finally managed to introduce an edit button. Users have constantly complained about not being able to edit tweets, so Twitter has decided to send the button on a test run. The feature is supposed to be used to save typos and errors, but let’s face it, no one will be surprised if the context of viral tweets suddenly changes.

Kevin – never actually uses Twitter.

Read more here.

Atlassian expands product family

With four new tools and features, Atlassian aims to make developers’ teamwork and productivity more efficient. The new tools range from new networking tools to simplification of software components. To put the cherry on top of the icing, all Atlassian applications can soon be linked using Data Lakes. You can read more about it on heise online.

Beyza – looking forward to the icing on the cake, doesn’t really care for cherries.

Is decentralized better after all?

What do you do when you have an estimated fortune of $264.6 billion? That’s right, buy a social media platform. Elon Musk already owns 9.2% of Twitter, but that’s not enough for him by a long shot, because he wants to own all the shares. If that doesn’t happen, Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson suggests the Tesla boss simply create a decentralized Twitter. But before that, Musk would rather take over the original Twitter, right?

Ela – would already be satisfied with $10 million.

Here’s all the info.

We’re on Discord now!

Did you know that stackstream has a public Discord server? Exchange with other devs, find like-minded people for pair-programming and stay up to date when a live stream starts. We announce new challenges, upcoming events and respond to your feedback.

Lucie – wondering how many Discord bots are too many.

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