Discuss with the software department and create tickets


You have shared some suggestions calculated by our algorithm for review – and now?

This tutorial explains how to review candidates and consult with your coworkers on matched.io.

Note: for this feature you need to invite your colleagues to matched.io – for a step-by-step guide on how to do this, feel free to read our tutorial on inviting coworkers.

1. I would like to share a developer for review

Using the “Review” option, you can ask the colleagues who have accepted your invitation and registered to also take a look at the developer’s profile.

Add a comment and submit the ticket. Your colleague will receive a notification that a developer has been approved for review.

The ticket is now closed. You can find it in the activities under the status filter “Closed”.

2. I have received an invitation to review a developer

If you received an email with an invitation to review and follow the link, you will be taken directly to the job’s activity tab.

There you will find the open ticket for review.

Take a look at the profile and decide if the tech stack and mindset are a good fit for you.

Comment on the ticket and decide for or against the person. You can also send a message directly to the developer and start the exchange.

The ticket is now closed. You can find it in the activities under the status filter “Closed”.



Any questions?

Feel free to check out the other tutorials or our FAQ!

Feel free to leave feedback at feedback@matched.io and let us know how helpful you find the tutorials!

Your matched.io Team

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