Entrepreneurs Talk: Podcast with Co-Founder Manuela Sayin


Courage for the new, questioning the existing, freely deciding one’s own path: that’s what Manuela Sayin is all about. Manuela inspired me immediately because I could identify 100% with these elements. The founder of matched.io, a job matching platform for developers, explained why and how tech can support the interpersonal. I learned that developers mostly feel misunderstood in their job search and are bombarded with offers on all channels. And that’s exactly what matched.io addresses. Thanks to her experience, Manuela sparked my interest in Israel: these “I have an idea” meetings sound really exciting, maybe we should try it out in Germany? Or make a podcast out of it? Manuela’s vision for the ideal culture is very inspiring: despite successes, question things and try new things. Not because something works, it must mean that it can’t be done better. Listen to the full podcast here:



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