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Issue No. 05/22


The Ivy Times was born out of the idea to share topics with you every other week that we find important, fun and perhaps practical for everyday life. That’s why we don’t want to leave the current course of the war in the Ukraine unmentioned. This is a development that fills many people around us with concern, some also have family or friends in the war zone. Our thoughts and hearts are with the innocent victims that such an act of war leaves behind and we hope that the violence in the Ukraine will soon come to an end. Despite everything, we have some exciting topics again this week. Our developer Tim unpacks his fortune-telling skills – alright, supported by an AI, but pretty cool! In addition, our UX designer Lucie has made climate change tangible in a 3D world using Unity. The Chaos Computer Club podcast, as well as your own digital pet in the IDE are featured as well. Enjoy reading, Ivy

A different kind of fortune telling – what your music taste says about you.

Spotify Wrapped and Apple Music Replay can pack their bags. You get to hear your favorite songs, but what they reveal about you? Not a chance! Wouldn’t it be much more exciting to find out what the music you like to listen to says about you? Embark on a journey from artificial intelligence to APIs, OAuth2 and serverless functions. Using cutting-edge frameworks and APIs, we’ll just build it ourselves.

Tim – was a fortune teller in his past life.

The video shows you how!

Experience climate change in a tangible way thanks to Unity

Did you know that game engines can also be used for scientific research? Neither did we. The work CLIMATE REFUGEES looks at the connection between refugee movements and environmental changes from the perspective of climate change. In a three-dimensional application, the user moves through the virtual replica of a world map, in which over 200 data points are made tangible.

Lucie – Bachelor thesis done differently.

Watch on Youtube

When the stress becomes too much yet again

Are you sometimes frustrated by programming because nothing works the way it should? Add to that all the loneliness in front of the screen? Then you have two options:

  • Change careers – very drastic and maybe you shouldn’t decide something like that in the heat of the moment.
  • Install VS Code Pets – your daily dose of cuteness. Whether it’s a cat, a dog or Clippy, play with them or throw a ball to them. So that your mental health is like that again 📈

Tim – cleverly got around his landlord’s pet ban.

Logbuch:Netzpolitik lets us hear from them

“Tim, I told you not to look up” – that’s what it sounds like when Linus Neumann, spokesman for the Chaos Computer Club, and Tim Pritlove talk about net politics happening in the German-speaking world in their podcast Logbuch:Netzpolitik. Grab a coffee and fill up your mental stores: Topics in the current edition include the Bundesverdienstcoin, cryptocurrency and blockchain, and 6.4 million records in 50 leaks.

Lucie – has more podcasts on her listening list than items on her shopping list.

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