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You’ve probably heard of the Pomodoro technique. If not, it’s a time management technique from the eighties. In short: work for 25 minutes, take a 5 minute break, start all over again. But what exactly does this technique have to do with tamagochis? I’m happy to report that this issue of Ivy Times contains many cool add-ons, gadgets, and innovations that have excited, amazed, and astounded our team. Have fun reading! Ivy

Tamagochi meets Pomodoro

Pomodachi: the Tamagotchi that is fed with productivity! We loved them: those little baby chicken that you have to take care of so they don’t perish. Now a user has reinterpreted the idea of the Tamagotchi and feeds it with 20 minutes of pure productivity, using the Pomodoro technique. And the best part: anyone can replicate it!

Philipp – is now looking for others to visit with his Pomodachi.

Do it yourself!

GitHub CoPilot – Your Code-Buddy

Hello SpaceX and Microsoft! On the technical basis of OpenAI Codex, the GitHub CoPilot was launched. Why write repetitive loops and code snippets manually yourself over and over again? Do we call that next-level-pair-programming or simply a practical support to achieve goals even more efficiently?

Charly – is still looking for glue for his snippets.

Take a look here or Download it here!

Gif by Copilot

AI requests patents

In Australia and South Africa, patents may be registered by an AI. The reason given is that the AI was created by humans and should therefore also be allowed to create in the copyright sense. Europe sees things a bit differently and has changed the definition of inventor: an inventor must be a human person with name and address.

Ela – just thinking about a name for her future flatmate

Read more here.(German)

Targeted Advertising on TV

Who hasn’t experienced it? Yesterday you were talking about a topic with your colleagues, today you get an ad for it directly on Instagram. In the age of the Internet, this is no longer a rarity. But the fact that this is also possible on television is particularly evident in sports. Depending on the location of the receiving device, the perimeter advertising can be adapted in handball, soccer, field hockey or other sports using infrared technology.

Lina – is now looking for the VPN connection in her TV socket.

Take a look behind the scenes.

Screenshot from the YouTube Video

The new Stackoverflow Survey is here!

Not only do young developers no longer learn to program mainly through education and books, but through videos and other online materials. More and more people want to become developers (who can blame them? 🤓), but then also like to freelance. Feel free to check out the full report here!



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