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Moin Susi!

We hope you have a great weekend and a sunny start to the summer ☀️ Today we have a very helpful desktop software list on board, which is perfect for developers who work from home. There is also Spring Boot’s upcoming release, Google’s new announcement and the new AR glasses from Meta that will be released specifically for developers 👓. Enjoy reading, Ivy

Tech Republic comes to the rescue

Every one of us has familiarized ourselves with the concept of working from home. The fact that not everything always runs smoothly every developer has noticed and experienced, which is why Tech Republic has created a list of the best remote desktop softwares in 2022. The softwares are supposed to help simplify and master technical problems when working from home.

Ela – doesn’t care about the list, the problems have become everyday issues.

Augmented Reality

Looking for a bit of variety? Augmented reality glasses can provide quite a bit of excitement in everyday life. Meta has announced that they will offer the first version of their AR glasses exclusively for developers instead of bringing them to the market. This will allow developers to contribute to the further development of the AR glasses with personal experience and their input.

Beyza – not a developer but always ready to give her two cents.

Spring Boot 3.0 within reach

You’ve probably heard by now: the next major Spring Boot release is coming – well, soon at least. Some new features and improvements already came with 2.7.0, including support for Cache2k, web server SSL configuration with PEM-encoded certificates, and auto-configuration and metrics for the simultaneously released Spring for GraphQL 1.0. The next major release is scheduled for this November.

Lina – very interested even though the topic sounds greek to her.

You can find more on this topic here. (German)

OpenAI Software Development with natural language

Dreams come true once you have a look at the recent developments of OpenAI. A software operated by typing natural language fulfills a long lived dream in the scientific community, which can lead to great potential. Community problems often lead to ambiguous expectations in software development, natural language-based programming may overcome that issue. This demonstration video is definitely a must watch!

Stefan – can finally bury his binary dictionary.

Google LIMoE – the next big step?

A few days ago Google AI introduced “LIMoE”: one of the first large-scale architectures that can process both images and text using a sparse mixture of experts. LIMoE is an acronym that stands for Learning Multiple Modalities with One Sparse Mixture-of-Experts Model. What makes LIMoE important is that it is a multimodal architecture that is referred to by the researchers as an “important step towards the Pathways vision”.

Tanzia – was not ready for these news.

You can find more on this topic here.



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