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Issue No. 12/21


Unity and Unreal Engine can already be used to program node-based interaction flows for video games, for example. But what if you want to combine this technology with the real world? In this Ivy Times issue, we talk about Node-based programming.

We also show you a path to developing an MVP, talk about Facebook’s future plans (What exactly is a Metaverse?), and talk about e-bikes that could also be mopeds. And if you’re up for a coding challenge for Halloween, you’ve come to the right place!

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TouchDesigner for Live Performance

TouchDesigner is a Node-based programming language that renders content in real-time. Game engines like Unity and Unreal Engine already offer complex user interactions – so why use TouchDesigner? The program can be used to weave an idea into the real world as a multimedia installation. For example, light sources can be controlled synchronously with sound or react to sensors in the room. Besides the use of nodes, PHP scripts can be integrated as well.

Lucie – brings her next laser show with TouchDesigner to the clubs.

Here are all the details.

We, the witnesses of a new age ++ The Metaverse ++

Facebook wants to create a virtual world that exists alongside our real world and can always be immersed in. The two worlds can coexist – science fiction, but in reallife and this world is called the Metaverse. This metaverse has its own currency, economic system and avatars can interact with each other. Technologies like Virtual/ Augmented Reality provide the visual component and Blockchain is supposed to strengthen our trust in the system.

Sophia – looking for roommates for her virtual apartment.

Find out everything about the Metaverse.

From skateboards to cars

We all have super cool ideas! Our ambition is to make the world a more beautiful, more conscious, but also cooler place for all of us! The ideas that have a clear goal and convince in their simplicity as well as clarity, often make it into reality. In order to get from home to the next french fries store faster, I can easily tackle this problem with a skateboard, don’t I?

Charly – currently debating whether to get fries with or without onions today.

Photo by Henrik Kniberg via blog.crisp.se

Find out more here.

What Python and the Sorting Hat have in common

Although Harry Potter doesn’t have anything to do with Halloween directly, it does fit in quite well with the season. Many already know this Python Challenge, but it can’t hurt to bring out the Sorting Hat again! Well, which house will you be assigned to?

Lina – OG Ravenclaw. Always has been.

This way to the challenge.

VanMoof introduces new ultra fast S-Pedelec!

Your e-bike is just too slow and you’re annoyed that the bike no longer accelerates at 25 km/h? Then this is your chance! The Dutch HighSpeed E-Bike is supposed to reach a legal top speed of 50km/h and goes by the name of VanMoof V – so you are guaranteed to be the fastest on the bike lane!

Philipp – now develops motorcycle clothing for fast e-bikes.

Find out more.

Ivy’s Branch

Are you addicted to the Internet?

For many people, the Internet helped them stay in touch with others during the lockdown and avoid becoming lonely. But for some, digital consumption became an addiction, as 32-year-old Canadian Cam Adair reports.

Are you addicted to the Internet?



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