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Happy New Year from the whole matched​.​io team! I hope you had a good start into the new year. We’re kicking off the year on a relaxed note with a new edition of Ivy Times, and first we’re talking about the future of decentralized computing – can Edge AI solve problems like data security and latency when communicating via the cloud?

We also have the traveling salesman problem, the bubble sort principle, and the evolution of the Internet of Things in the mix. Oh yeah, have you heard about concept art? We’ll be writing about that part of video game creation as well.

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Edge AI – The future of decentralized data processing?

Connection to the cloud is still essential for many artificial intelligence IoT devices to function. But with the evolution of AI, this seems to be a boundary that needs to be overcome. Edge computing is becoming more relevant with each passing year. This is because decentralized data processing can reduce latency and increase security, among other benefits.

Lina – algorithms for years, but always only at the Edge.

Read more here.

Dancing never hurt – even with sorting algorithms?

There are many different sorting algorithms in computer science. Bubble Sort sorts in pairs from left to right in several phases. So you start with the first number in the array (a kind of list data structure) and compare it with its immediate neighbor. If they are not in the right order, they are simply swapped. Then the next pair is compared and so on until the end of the list. This phase is repeated until the entire array is completely sorted (in ascending order of size). In fact, this algorithm is rarely used because it has a very long runtime and is therefore inefficient. However, it is quite a nice programming finger exercise. 😛

Sophia – Swapping her keyboard for dancing shoes.

Take a look!

Creativity: boss fight or wonder weapon?

Creativity can be found in every area of life where we need a solution or want to implement an idea. But how do I work creatively and how do I get from a thought to a result? Creativity is not a talent or a gift that only some people have, but a skill that is in every human being and that simply has to be learned. Riot Games has made a very entertaining short video on the process of concept art – our recommendation for moments when we are literally sitting in front of a blank sheet of paper.

Lucie – closing doors to open new ones.

This way to the video.

From IoT to IoB

Innovation and further development are now the order of the day – and not just for us. The Internet of Things is also evolving – into the Internet of Behaviors. The data collected by the IoT is analyzed with the IoB, made available for use, and linked to further information. Combined with data mining, this can improve product standards, customers understanding and personalized services.

Lina – has already arrived at the IoZ on the inside.

Read more here.

Problem of traveling salesmen

This problem should be familiar to any computer scientist; I hope you remember the lectures. Reminder: The search space grows exponentially with the number of cities to visit. At 1000 cities the search space is larger than the universe has atoms. According to previous theoretical knowledge (P !=NP), there is no algorithm that has a linear runtime in general. You want to win 1.000.000 $, then try a theoretical proof. It has failed so far. The Clay Foundation has classified the problem as a millennium problem. Fact: One has already proven how not to prove it.

Stefan – can’t drive as much as there are cities.



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