Have your application documents with you anytime and anywhere – your public matched.io profile


In order to be able to apply anywhere at any time, you have the option to share your matched.io profile and thus impress companies. 🚀

This tutorial shows you how to share your profile.

At the top of your profile you will find the section “My public profile”.

The link underneath will take you to the public view of your profile, prepared like an application portfolio.

This will make your application to companies even easier!

Just copy the link and share it where and with whom you want.

In your settings you can decide about the visibility of your profile via the link.

This is how your profile will look to the people you shared the link with.

People who are already registered on matched.io and have the link can view your profile at any time.

Only if you have given permission, unregistered visitors who have the link can view your profile.



Any questions?

Feel free to check out the other tutorials or our FAQ!

Feel free to leave feedback at feedback@matched.io and let us know how helpful you find the tutorials!

Your matched.io Team

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