Introduction to the SAATKORN HR Startup Series

LinkedIn – that’s the name of the startup I’m introducing today as part of the SAATKORN STARTUP series. I had the opportunity to talk to the Head of Marketing, Gilles Scheuren. Let’s go: 

SAATKORN: Gilles, please introduce yourselves briefly to SAATKORN readers.

Imagine the following: There would be a platform that intelligently matches jobs with applicants. Helping people find a job they love. It helps companies find a developer who fits perfectly into their team. Everything happens on one platform. Everything is a little faster. Easier. And more objective. And that’s exactly what is: a job matching platform for developers.

SAATKORN: Why does exist?

Finding good developers is not easy. Convincing or even hiring good developers is even more difficult. (…) Read more (in German)

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