Is Alphacode really replacing humans in coding now?


Issue No 04/22


We’ve covered OpenAI many times, Tim highlights a different aspect in this issue – the limited API. How can you get around this limitation if you are not Microsoft? Does EleutherAI possibly bring a solution here?

Speaking of alternatives – do you need an alternative to Flutter? If yes – which one? How do you find the best programming podcasts? Another coding AI? And how do you actually invent a programming language now – is that even necessary in this day and age?

We’re happy to have so many questions in tow – maybe you know some more answers?

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(Artificial) Intelligence for All

OpenAI – sounds open and available to all, but it’s not. Either you use the limited API or you are Microsoft. But no problem without a solution: EleutherAI offers the open source alternative GPT-NeoX-20B with 20 billion parameters. According to its own benchmarks, it comes within a few percentage points of OpenAI’s DaVinci model. But does it really deliver what it promises? You can try it out in the GooseAI Playground!

Tim – finds OpenAI to be not so open after all?

Flutter alternative or not?

It’s clear that there are other frameworks for building mobile apps besides Flutter. React Native, for example. However, that is also significantly more complicated – unless you use Expo in combination with RN. That’s because Expo makes it easy to develop iOS, Android, and web apps from the same JavaScript or TypeScript codebase.

Ela – hasn’t been able to see through Facebook vs Google for a long time.

Does Flutter just need a service like Expo?

Google Deepmind: Alphacode programs better than many humans!

The coding AI is supposed to solve programming problems that require critical thinking and logic. To prove what Alphacode can do, the developers let the AI loose on tasks from various programming competitions – with success. It was announced that Alphacode achieved a score of 1300 points. This corresponds to the midfield of the competitors and means that the software would have beaten many devs!

Philipp – finally has an AI coding for him as well.

How do you actually invent a programming language?

We have already reported about Assembler and explained how human language becomes machine language. And then? You orientate yourself on paradigms, you plan in theory (Turing-complete please!) and then you write a compiler or interpreter – in a higher, already existing programming language. Quite simple, isn’t it?

Lina – doesn’t really mean the last sentence.

If you want to develop your own programming language as well.

Which one is the best now?

Finding your way around the world of podcasts is often not that easy. New formats spring up almost daily. To keep track of them and not waste your time with pointless or uninteresting podcasts, you can find the 35 best programming podcasts here – in real time, based on information like traffic and listeners.

Ela – Podcast queue is longer than a lifetime

Ivy’s Branch

Boston Dynamics takes over the dancefloor

Robotics company Boston Dynamics was a guest on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show last week. And to celebrate, three Spots put on an insane performance.

Take a look here!



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