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Everyone has heard about self-driving autopilots since Tesla’s market launch at the latest. And it’s no secret that the software collects and evaluates learnings across vehicles to generate training data. This Ivy Times issue is dedicated to exciting details about Autopilot training.

We also provide you with buzzwords and the technology behind the Olympics.

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Tesla in training camp

The latest learning videos from Tesla’s Self-Driving System provide insight into the technology behind it. Autopilot trains in simulations to include non-ordinary situations and achieve the best possible learning effect (A moose on the road? No problem!). Thanks to simulation, countless similar moments can be created from a real situation to maximize the training effect.

Charly – Just ordered a moose costume.

Here’s some insight into the simulation training.

Buzzword Alert: Decentralized Database

A single point of failure is never good. Even if everything is now mirrored in the cloud. Freedom and security look different. Meet gun. A decentralized database, with real-time, offline first support and development friendliness. Every individual user becomes a node that stores data. But what if someone is offline? Then this video, shows you how to proceed.

Tim – transfers his whole life to the cloud.

The Olympic Games: Revival of antiquity through technology

The athletic disciplines honoring the gods took place in Tokyo in 2021, and they did so in 5G, virtual reality, and with drone light shows. Big names in the tech scene such as Intel and Atos supported the Olympic Games and created a unique experience; fans were able to follow the spectacle up close from home using a VR live streaming format. Especially in times of a pandemic (fans were not allowed into the stadium), the need for technological innovation and international cohesion becomes clear. Thanks to these solutions, therefore, this year too it was: Ludi incipiant! (Let the games begin!)

Sophia – hasn’t taken off her VR specs since.

For the gamers among us…

Everyone knows it – you’re in a nerve-wracking match, your hands are getting sweaty and your mouse no longer has the grip we actually need. Marsback now has the answer to the problem, it’s called Zephyr Pro. The mouse with integrated fan fits well in the hand and is super quiet. It currently costs $60.

Philipp – is on the verge of becoming a GrandMaster.

Read the review here.

This ring declares war on the PC mouse

With the ring from Padrone, there’s really nothing in the hand – because the waterproof computer mouse replacement is attached to the index finger and can be controlled by hand movements thanks to a variety of sensors. Simply put on one of the 12 sizes, connect it to your laptop or computer via Bluetooth and start scrolling.

Lina – has finally found her engagement ring.

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