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After a short summer vacation, I’m back and have new, exciting topics in my luggage.Whether sunbathing on the beach, hiking in the mountains or simply at home on the balcony – taking a short break and recharging the batteries is important for body and mind. This newsletter issue shows you, among other things, a few tips, tricks and gadgets on how you can build in your own personal time-out even during everyday life. Or at least, how you can use your time more efficiently to get more out of yourself. Have fun reading, Ivy

Why sport keeps our brain on its toes.

The fact that sport stimulates our bodies to release neurotransmitters such as dopamine (happiness hormone No. 1), serotonin (happiness hormone No. 2) and norepinephrine (attention and concentration enhancer) is perhaps well known. But I wasn’t aware until now that not only muscles grow, but the brain as well. In fact, in particular, exercising keeps the area that is prone to Alzheimer’s and dementia fit, and can at least delay the effects of such diseases. Cool or cool?

Lina – only gets off her exercise bike to get coffee.

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From the head to the pap-… err, the screen.

The “paperless” trend has been around for a while now, but new products in this segment are appearing all the time. There’s no more paperwork or bells and whistles, no need to print out digital documents to sign and scan them back in. And although the order of the note sheets quickly gets messed up and you need an app to share the notes, you can write novels thanks to the extremely long battery life.

Charly & Stefan – empty their reMarkable trash instead of the shredder in the office.

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Recap – The Social Impact Hackathon

The Social Impact Hackathon by matched​.​io had a significant outcome. Within 48 hours, the teams could prove themselves and made the world a little bit better via innovative software solutions. In the process, a network of fantastic software developers, project sponsors and partners was created; the positive feedback of all participants speaks for itself. We are looking forward to the next event and invite you to be part of the social and technological change!

Sophia – making the world a better place with her vision.

Host your own application with Appwrite!

Set up your own backend server to host your own app in no time? No problem with Appwrite! Appwrite is an open-source alternative to well-known names like Firebase, Postman or Paw and is super easy to set up. Did I mention that it is open source?

Philipp – hosts his app 10 times to test out all services.

Check it out!

Flying e-taxis for Brazil

The Bavarian aviation startup Lilium will supply São Paulo with 220 air cabs by 2025, each powered by 36 small swiveling electric motors. Just one year earlier, the operation is to start here in Germany as well – with the support of big names from Tesla and Airbus. We can’t wait to start our first team trip to Berlin by air cab.

Ela – brings her future children to daycare by Jet.

Take a look at them here! (German)

“There is never a right time – unless it is NOW.”

For developer Marvin, this is the most important thing he has learned outside of his job lately. In his interview with us, he talks about soft skills, what makes a good employer and how important an open culture of discussion is in the workplace.



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