– Airbnb of recruitment


What makes your startup stand out?

We want to create an environment where everyone enjoys going to work. Because it doesn’t feel like work. Because you have fun and learn. That’s why we put all our passion into our technology and our users. Because our mission is to make people happy.

What gap in the market have you identified?

The way we hire employees is outdated. Companies pay too much money and hiring processes take too long. We need to learn to use technology to our benefit, make objective and diverse decisions, hire based on KPIs and future trends, and most importantly, we need to move away from CV matching. Today, looking at a resume is no longer enough to identify a person’s potential. We believe that people achieve much more when they do what they are passionate about. Our technology combines all of this: matching of framework conditions, mindset matching, translation of requirements and wishes, communication at eye level. And it does it in seconds. Register in 3 minutes and a few minutes later you can chat with a CTO.

Please explain your business model in three sentences.

We connect people who achieve higher goals together. At the same time, is free of charge for candidates. Employers pay per hire or in the form of a subscription … Continue reading (in German)



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