Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome meet.


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It’s old news by now that Twitter is one of the media for the tech scene. The platform now has over 300 million (300,000,000) users and has to process a correspondingly large amount of data – and in real time, because who wants to miss the tea in a heated thread? Twitter’s new architecture uses Kafka and Dataflow – read more in our main story. We’ve also got a cool (and cheap!) alternative to Photoshop, snooping robots, and the scandalous Windows 11. Have fun reading, Ivy

How Twitter processes 400 billion events in real time

With more than 300 million users, Twitter has become an indispensable part of the social media world. To effectively process this daily amount of data, the social media platform uses a combination of relay event processing with Kafka Topic events and streaming Dataflow jobs in the Google Cloud. Super exciting!

Kevin – secretly mocks 400 billion events on matched​.​io to try out the architecture – the team is stumped.

Here’s a detailed explanation from the Twitter devs.

No money for Photoshop and co.?

You want to edit an image or adjust a vector graphic, but the Adobe Cloud alone costs you more than your monthly fitness fee? Then Affinity Suite might be of interest to you – because yes, there is another option than Photoshop and Paint. Affinity already has over a million users worldwide, making it a serious competitor to market leader Adobe. The company doesn’t have a subscription model, which makes it a real alternative.

Lucie – has all the student tricks down pat.

This way to their website.

Why Chrome, when Edge also works?

With the new Windows 11 update, Microsoft expresses its opposition to Google’s Chrome browser visually for the first time. If you navigate to the Chrome download page within Microsoft Edge, the browser opens a popup with various messages, including “That browser is so 2008! Do you know what’s new? Microsoft Edge.”

Lina – newly appointed copywriter at Microsoft.

Photo by Tom Warren via

Read the full story here.

Just take a break …

… and watch Danny build and raise his nano reef tank. To relaxing music we can watch him raising and caring for the corals in the tank.

Charly – has already ordered his scuba diving equipment.

Here’s the video.

Ivy’s Branch

Yesterday a vacuum cleaner, today a sniffer robot

TU Dresden has already built a sniffing robot in 2019 – equipped with gas sensors and robo-arms, the robot can penetrate areas that are too dangerous for humans and seal a poison gas source, for example. In total, three different interfaces are being used to make remote work and analysis as accurate and safe as possible.

Read more here. (German)



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