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Most of the stuff we love is fiction. We happily adopt clichés to explain that something is “like in the movies”. We love monsters, aliens, cowboys and girls, heroes, wizards and spies who lead lives that we can’t, don’t or won’t. Unless you’re Walter Mitty, fiction endlessly improves lives. Like this non-fiction newsletter. Have your notebook to hand and be ready to scribble notes in the margin. So, you happily adopt ideas to explain something is “like from this newsletter”. Cheers, Ivy

Disney’s Research Engineer Loïc Ciccone | Der Lebenslauf

Loïc Ciccone, some might call him the Michel Jordan of facial performance capture, probably has one of the most logical CVs the world has ever seen. In his current role at Disney Studios, he’s combining his love for tech and art. And guess what: He is very happy in his job. No intense goal striving or career ladder climbing. And we are not surprised.

Riki – wants to work for Mickey Mouse, too.

Watch the interview here

AI explained easily by Startup Teens

Whatever you’re creating, simplicity is the ultimate goal. And if you create tutorials, it shouldn’t feel like school. And that’s how you sum up the videos made by the education platform Startup Teens. A very easy and entertaining way to gain knowledge about tech, entrepreneurship or even how to program an app.

Ela – invests in YouTube premium.

To the YouTube video (German)

What is the next big thing in tech, Google CEO Sundar Pichai?

The year 2009, famous for the inauguration of President Barack Obama. And Marques Brownlee started his YouTube Channel MKBHD. He is not only one of the best tech reviewers, he also conducts interviews with tech luminaries such as Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Sundar Pichai.

Charly – will probably be interviewed next year.

Talking Tech and AI

Forest – Stay focused, be present.

If you spend too much time on your phone and want to be productive, I can recommend the Forest App. With it, you can set how long you don’t want to use your phone and if you make it, a virtual tree will be planted. If not, the tree dies. The goal is, of course, to create a forest as large as possible.

Tim – forester and developer with a green thumb.

Check it out!

No parents, no children. No children, no future.

Questions about having children in a job interview? Parental leave as a career killer? Unjustified rejection of part-time applications? These are just three examples of parental discrimination. The #proparents campaign aims to create legal foundations to prevent parental discrimination.

Gilles – has long since signed the petition

To the initiative



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