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Issue No. 10/22


Another long week of work is over – which can only mean one thing: it’s time for the Ivy Times! Today we have very interesting topics in store, among other things, an overview of the announcements of this year’s Google developer conference! NFTs that are turned into clothes and information on the new .Net update are also on the list 📃. Enjoy reading, Ivy

Google I/O Announcements

This year’s Google I/O keynote lasted two (thrilling) hours in which many new features and models were introduced. The new Pixel 6A was announced, which offers just about everything except a headphone jack. Additionally, a new Pixel Watch, Earpods and – to complete the Pixel family – a new tablet are on the list as well. And don’t worry, privacy enhancements have also been thought of this time 😉. Here is a good overview with all the new announcements.

Beyza – bought new headphones last week.

All good things come in sevens?

Although .NET is now mainly used for developing internal enterprise software, last year’s 6.0 version was made more beginner friendly. In particular, the minimization of the startup code to a single line was made to support this. But with the next version, which will be coming out in November this year, this will be changed again and made more flexible. More info on this can be found in .Net 7.0 Preview 4.

Lina – is slowly finding her way from Apple to Microsoft?

Desk or playground – which one should it be?

Learning how to code or playing with lego – this is a decision, many parents have been making on behalf of their children. The number of gadgets on the market that are supposed to teach toddlers how to code has increased immensely. By buying these gadgets parents hope that their children are going to follow Linus Torvalds’ path and become successful. Here is an article, which highlights the importance of enjoying some ice cream on a children’s playground once in a while 🍦.

Ela – is a regular customer at the ice cream shop around the corner.

Fashion Trend or Disaster?

Non-Fungible Tokens or NFTs are trending in every sector of the internet, among them gaming and digital fashion. Top fashion brands like Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana already introduced their NFTs to the world. ABOUT YOU launched a digital fashion marketplace “Hypewear”, which is only dedicated to NFTs. In this article you can have a look at what they have created as the first German NFT fashion marketplace.

Tanzia – is already wearing her NFTs to work.

Ivy’s Branch has a feedback wall now!

Good news, we have set up a feedback wall where you can anonymously create notes telling us what you like, what you think can be worked on or any ideas you would like to share with us. You can also just check it out to see what others have anonymously posted.

Here you can find the feedback wall.



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