Obfuscated digital financial transactions and the best hacker programming language


Issue No. 07/22


We’re back from our festival break and straight into an easter challenge on stackstream! (Shhh, there are CONFLUENT licenses you can win 🤯) We also bring you a highlight session from the festival week, a React update, the best programming language to hack with, and the latest find from the German Federal Office of Criminal Investigation 🤭 Enjoy reading, Ivy

women of stackstream

We couldn’t be prouder – the launch festival is over and we had an incredible range of topics. And the best part is that you can re-watch a lot of streams – including Patrycja’s stream on the Basics of TailwindCss. Even if audio and video start a bit delayed, it’s worth checking out!

Lina – refreshes her coding skills via stackstream.

Finally 18 🎉

It’s been a year since the last update and last week the time had finally come – React is now available in version 18.0.0. Some are happy about the new features, others dread an upgrade because of breaking changes. No matter to which side you belong, there is nothing better than reading the changelog – the newspaper of developers .

Tim – remembers his 18th birthday like it was yesterday.

Here’s all the info.

1.23 Billion Euros turnover in 2020 – Darknet marketplace seized

The largest darknet transfer marketplace for offers such as drugs, forged documents and “spied out data” was shut down by the German Federal Office of Criminal Investigation after about 7 months of work. Since 2015, more than 19,000 seller accounts and 17 million customer accounts have been trading with each other here. One of the biggest finds: 543 Bitcoins. That’s about 23 Million Euros

Kevin – is glad that he acquired his Bitcoins legally.

Read more here.

#FindTheRabbit and win a CONFLUENT license

Our Easter Challenge is just around the corner From April 15 to 18, three challenges will take place on stackstream. If you always wanted to know what someone looks like after 12h of coding, you should definitely check out the 24h streams Not registered yet? No need, you can just use the Single SignUp with matched​.​io. It starts on Friday, good luck and have fun!

Lucie – has already equipped herself with energy drinks.

Python, C or shell scripts – which programming language is best for hacking?

It doesn’t matter! Says the Chaos Computer Club. Even though there is no uniform definition of a “hacker”, a distinction can still be made between black-hat, gray-hat and white-hat hackers. However, the preferred programming languages for hacking do not change. Which languages are used does not matter much and is often related to the popularity of currently popular languages.

Ela – is currently writing her CCC membership application.

Read more here.



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