Of live-coding events and motion detector plants


Issue No. 06/22


We have great things to announce – because from March 24th to 31st we celebrate the launch of stackstream – together with worldwide greats from the coding world. You can read more about it right at the beginning of this issue! In addition, our developers in the team have been working hard again – it’s all about creating your own app – in just 15 minutes? JavaScript makes it possible, Cyborg Botany (now even plants are becoming machines) and a simple trick to maybe blame someone else for your mistakes. But of course just for fun 🤭🤫 Enjoy reading, Ivy

Biggest live-coding event – Let’s code together!

We are launching stackstream with a big festival from March 24th to 31st and are looking forward to many great live rooms with worldwide tech streamers! If you are interested in hosting a live session on stackstream, please contact us with a response to this newsletter. We look forward to hearing from you!

Finally in the CCC (Cool Cids Club).

If you want to be one of the cool kids these days, you definitely need an app. Gen-Z still reads the push messages, after all. But who has the time to develop an app and then for multiple platforms? But few people know that a cross platform native iOS/Android/Web app can be created in just 15 minutes Frontenders beware, you can write anything with JavaScript.

Tim – has played through spelling.

This video shows you how!

What me? No, it wasn’t me!

Have you ever been responsible for the crash of your stage – or even worse – your prod environment? And since you work with Git, your colleagues could see exactly that the crash was your fault? Quite inconvenient. But luckily this can be worked around – with git-blame-someone-else you can just specify someone else as your committer and have a little fun. Don’t believe it? Try it yourself!

Kevin – fwonders why all the bugs in the code always come from him. Tim doesn’t know anything.

Here’s the repo.

Floral motion detectors – assemble?

Using Cyborg Botany, the MIT Media Lab is researching whether and how plants react to changes in air pressure, for example, when someone walks past them. This turns your latest window lily into a flawless motion detector. And who knows where this trend will go? Maybe later we’ll operate our TV with the gardenia we got for our birthday?

Daniel – has joined the ranks of botanists.

Peep all the details here.



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