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Issue No 03/21


We’re all familiar with the adage that a healthy body feeds a healthy mind. It weights down on most of us pretty permanently as we struggle to balance too many hours in front of a computer when we really should be out running instead. So grab yourself a tea. Go for a walk. And read this newsletter. Ivy Times feeds a healthy mind. Ivy Times nourishes a healthy mind. Cheers, Ivy

A glimpse into Silicon Valley

We reveal the secrets of being productive as a developer working from home. Well to be honest Joma Tech does. As always, Joma shares his stories about life in Silicon Valley working in tech. And if you are looking for some educational videos with a pinch of humor, don’t miss JomaClass.

Charly – moves to 37.4°N 122.0°W.

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Find five role models to aspire to!

Don’t we all have a role model or teacher who has shaped our lives? And we could use not just one, but five types of mentors. After all, how often could we learn everything important from one person? Probably not that often. All the more important are these five heroes and heroines, with and from whom we can learn.

Lina – Has already found her Power Rangers.

Have you got your dream team together yet?

The smartest investment is one in yourself

Fabian Fischer, CEO of Etribes, talks about leadership, purpose and personal development in this podcast. He explains why personal growth means gaining experience – outside of your comfort zone. Impressive: Fabian regularly changes his habits and proves willpower by always taking on new challenges.

Ela – plans her stay at a convent.

Listen right here! (German)

Don’t be afraid of technology

We must always remember technology is not an idea. It’s the means to express an idea. So under no circumstances should you become overawed by it. Relax. Don’t worry about it but don’t ignore it either. Embrace it as an excuse to play around with something new.

Gilles – Half human, half machine.

Read more here! (German)

Commit. Because life is short.

The acronym YOLO — you only live once — wasn’t always a celebration of doing something fleeting and reckless just for the thrill of it. It was conceived as a message of diving into attachment, not freeing yourself from it. In his Harvard graduation speech, Pete Davis is trying to make a case for this. He describes it as a countermovement in a time of “Infinitive Browsing Culture”. Are it not those who really commit, that we admire most?

Riki – Gets married tomorrow and buys a house in the Spreewald.



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