Technology in recruitment: “HR can be innovative, as well”


Technology in recruitment should not be something to fight against. A plea from Gilles Scheuren of for courage in HR to break new ground.

Technology still seems to be a term with negative connotations – at least in the recruiting world. A contradiction. After all, everything is supposed to be more effective and efficient, innovative and useful at the same time. So where does the unease come from? Lengthy onboarding of new tools? Or simply no desire to step out of the comfort zone? A guest article about technology in recruitment. Its acceptance. And the courage to go new ways.

Breaking habits

The negligence of digitalization in recruitment is a wound that is gradually bursting open as a result of the pandemic. And it is precisely at this time that it is important to break old patterns. It’s not easy to do. Change is not easy. Nor is it always necessary. But never before has there been so much change, so much digital transformation. There was no way around it. And most people now realize that the dangers of digitization are much more mundane than the horror scenarios predicted. But one thing remains: Skepticism about new technology. And that is precisely why it has become important not to view or discuss the development of digitization merely as technical progress. But rather to give technology a chance to improve our working world, and in this context, recruitment. Even if we are too busy to do so. Because we often forget to take a break. Even when – or especially when things get tight.

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