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Issue No. 15/21


The year is coming to an end and this is the last issue of Ivy Times for this year. As a little Christmas present, our developers have come up with something very special, because this issue is all theirs, they could write about whatever they wanted!

Stefan writes about Blackbox, a way to store credentials in a secure and versioned way. It’s about Web 3.0, hacked coffee machines and DHL in computer science.

Plus, you’ve probably heard – stackstream is now live and freely accessible! We’re really looking forward to your rooms, your feedback and to revolutionizing the world of collaborative coding!

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Securely save Secrets in Git Repository thanks to blackbox

It has probably happened to every developer to check in secret credentials in the Git repository. After a review and an interactive Git rebase the credentials are out of the history. This is stupid, but it can be so easy to store credentials in a secure and versioned way in the team. This is where the very useful blackbox tool comes into play. It helps to check in credentials using GPG, so team members can unpack them securely and easily.

Stefan – can finally dispose of his collection of black boxes.

Web 3.0 Hype or Hope?

The fact that just a few companies control virtually the entire Internet is nothing new. But does this have to continue? Web 3.0 promises freedom, freedom from the big players through decentralization. No single point of failure, no central authority that can monitor everything. Sounds cool, doesn’t it? Trendy buzzwords are also finding their way in: NFT, blockchain, metaverse, … To make sure you’re also the hit at the next party, this video clarifies all your questions.

Tim – blows up every party with his buzzwords.

When laziness becomes efficiency.

How nice would it be if you walked into the office and the coffee machine automatically made your favorite beverage, but didn’t pour it until you had prepared your workspace for the day and were standing in front of the coffee machine? Or that automatically the customer’s database is rolled back automatically when they write an email that contains the words “sorry”, “trouble”, or “help”? NARKOZ has compiled the appropriate hacker scripts for this here – enjoy!

Kevin – still looking for the wifi function of his filter coffee machine.

Dalsey, Hillblom and Lynn in computer science

The postman problem is one of the best known problems in graph theory, where a mailman is supposed to deliver letters in the city by the shortest path; each street must be passed at least once and returned to the origin. But what does this path look like? The problem is modeled using graphs. Intersections are modeled as nodes and roads as edges. Here is a graph with 9 intersections and 14 roads:

Photo by Chin tin tin

Here is the solution to the problem

Sophia – finally know why DHL is called like that.

stackstream is now live – for everyone!

The live streaming platform for developers is now open to everyone, and the first rooms are already lined up:

  • Sunday, December 19, 2021: Joseph talks about Flutter App Development with Agora
  • Tuesday, December 21, 2021: Johannes and Lilli from PlanetScale talk about SNSF Vitess and database branching workflows in the context of CI/CD pull requests.

Create your own Room on a topic, join an ongoing Room, or just listen:



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