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Issue No. 02/22


And welcome back to another issue of Ivy Times. It’s going to be a lot about the future – Can the IDE plugin GitLive be the future of social coding? In any case, it works automated and we love that! Also today, we’re talking about the development of tomorrow’s IoT (Yeah, cartoons!), the future of Oculus headsets, the future of developer benefits, and – as a little treat – finally, the explanation of the magically disappearing square. Enjoy reading, Ivy

GitLive – The future of social coding?

The IDE plugin GitLive connects you directly with your colleagues. You can see when contributors are online and which repos, branches and files they are working on. GitLive is automated. You can connect to your issue tracker and GitLive will share which issue you are working on. You also have access to all local editors’ changes. This way GitLive alerts you to a conflict before a merge. There are so many more exciting features of GitLive – check it out for yourself!

Philipp – meeting his friends on GitLive now – only stackstream is nicer.

Here’s their website.

When the IoT was still a cartoon

The IoT was also a topic of our last Ivy Times issue. But what many may not know, IoT devices can be traced back to inventions by cartoonists. The first flip phones were based on Captain Kirk’s communicator; and without Dick Tracy’s Two-Way Video Transmitter, we probably wouldn’t be wearing smartwatches on our wrists. Often, the inventors of such devices were inspired by the creativity of cartoonists. And who knows, maybe real droids will eventually be part of the norm as our daily companions.

Lina – Has already sewn a bag for her next lightsaber.

Take a look here.

When the Pythagorean theorem saves the day

Everyone knows this video, in which a bar of chocolate is cut into geometric shapes, reassembled and then a field remains empty, although the bar was apparently cut absolutely symmetrically. Finally there is a mathematical explanation for this – cheers to the Pythagorean theorem! And it’s fun to watch, too!

Kevin – buys chocolate bars on sale to learn the trick.

This way to the video.

VR might become more mainstream

At least that is what it looked like when checking the Apple app store Top charts after Christmas. Sales of the Oculus Quest 2 VR headset must have skyrocketed so hard, that the Oculus App was in the top of the charts right after Christmas and stayed high for some days after. Whether due to Facebook’s (sorry, Meta’s) push for Metaverse Marketing or the unavailability of gaming consoles Switch and PS5, the VR Space seems to be on its way into the mainstream.

Sven – dusts of his old Quest 1.

Read more here.

Fruit baskets and coffee in job ads? Cool, but not very interesting.

What does it say about a company when it lists coffee and fruit baskets as a benefit? Exactly – nothing! We like to think that benefits tell a story and emphasize values. For example, shares and profit sharing can stand for motivation and appreciation. If well-being comes first, massages, a chef, or the fitness voucher are a great way to communicate those values. We worked with apploft. to find out which benefits are cool this year in a case study. What do you think? Right, or can be even better?

Ela – can hardly get off her Swapfiets.

This way to the case study.



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