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Issue No. 11/22


We wish you a nice and pleasant Pentecost time! In order to start a relaxing Saturday morning, we have once again put together a list of fascinating articles. Today we have 16 useful shorthand alternatives for JavaScript and Typescript.

Additionally, there is a fun coding game (🐸) in store and this year’s Call for Code Hackathon!

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JavaScript and TypeScript shorthands – the shorter the better?

At least upon the next refactoring, it becomes clear: fewer lines of code are (often) better. These shorthand alternatives of JavaScript and TypeScript can also help. However, since the readability of the code should be the top priority, the mentioned tips should of course be taken with a grain of salt 😉

Lina – had two semesters of software development in college, is now obviously an expert.

Bossfight Flexbox

Can CSS be fun? Being every web developer’s enemy, CSS can lead to more frustration than moments of happiness. Wouldn’t it be much nicer to feel a short dopamine rush while writing? That’s where Flexbox Froggy comes into play – learning Flexbox with the help of a cute game. Centering divs? Boring… placing frogs on water lilies? Dreamy! As a bonus, Flexbox offers simple responsive design as well as centered elements. And overflows belong to the past 😌

Tim – is building a terrarium for his frogs.

Call for Code Hackathon

Do you want to support the climate protection with your own ideas and causally win $200,000? Call for Code is calling on developers to participate in this year’s hackathon with innovative solutions for a green future. You can participate in the Global Challenge by presenting a technical solution for one of seven problem cases. This way you can collect some karma points and increase your allowance by a few dollars.

Beyza – is joining for the money, the karma points are a bonus

Github goes 2FA

Github has recently made a special announcement to further tighten the security for their 73 million users. The idea is simple: of you want to code just enable the two-factor authentication by the end of 2023. Easy, right?

Tanzia – has the authenticator already installed.

Here you can find the whole article.

The Horror Called Updated Version

Is there anything worse than realizing that the version of a programming language has been updated? Well – dropping the toothpaste from the toothbrush is a close second, but doesn’t quite surpass the annoying update. Having to rewrite outdated code just because the new update of a language doesn’t accept the code not only robs you of time, but also patience.

Ela – is still using Python 2.0?

You can read more on this topic here.



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