The registration process for developers – a step-by-step guide


You decided to search for developers via – fantastic, welcome! 🚀

This tutorial is designed to help you create your company profile and open job ads.

To register, you first create a job for which you are currently looking for developers.

You answer 16 questions from three categories so that our algorithm can search for suitable developers.

This includes information about employment type and location, salary range, and the desired tech stack for the job. You can also stand out with options for home office or remote work.

Before you complete the registration, you will of course have the opportunity to review all the information and make any necessary changes.

Then you can complete the registration and you will be redirected to the job page.

Please note:

The displayed developers that match your job are for preview purposes only! This means that the algorithm has already found matching developers, but you can only interact with them after accepting the terms and conditions and partner agreement:

We offer two pricing models:

One is a flexible subscription that allows you to hire as many developers as you want for a fixed monthly price.

On the other hand, we offer a success-based model. Here, the recruitment fee for a successful placement is 15% of the developer’s first annual gross salary.

If you do not have the authorization, you can easily invite your colleagues.

Now you can continue and go directly to your company’s profile. This is the first thing developers look at when a job is proposed to them. The more thoroughly the profile is filled out, the better the impression potential candidates will get of you. So take your time to complete everything. For tips and tricks, check out our profile completion tutorial.

The more thoroughly the profile is filled out, the better the impression potential candidates will get of you.

But now back to the job

Under the Jobs tab you will find the job you just created.

When you select the job, you can edit it in the top menu item “Matches” and set it to active or inactive. You can also assign colleagues to look after the job, for example, and share the link to this job, thus giving external applicants the chance to convince you with their profile. You can find more information about this in our article on job sharing.

In the lower half of the page you will see the suggestions calculated by the algorithm that match this job.

You can view the complete …

… developer profile and decide whether you want to get to know someone better based on their tech stack, mindset, and timeline, for example:

If you want to consult a colleague as a second opinion, you can simply assign them to the candidate via the “Review” button and you can make a decision together.

You can read more about this in our tutorial on inviting colleagues.



Any questions?

Feel free to check out the other tutorials or our FAQ!

Feel free to leave feedback at and let us know how helpful you find the tutorials!

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