The school system needs private lessons from startups


A guest article by Lisa Steinhauser

The school system is criticized again and again: There are too few teachers. The Abitur is different in every state and therefore unfair. Digitalization in schools is progressing too slowly. I agree with every single one of these statements.

However, it is talked about far too little that the wrong ways of working and a wrong mindset are also being taught. Therefore, some methods of how to ideally prepare students for their later life should be adapted from the working methods in startups through some coaching and inspiration.

Our school system is stuck

I myself successfully completed my general qualification for university entrance in 2020. My internship at the HR tech startup “” has given me new perspectives on teaching and educational concepts that I wish I had known when I was in school. So there were some aspects that were very frustrating for me and other students.

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Full article published in Business Punk



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