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Moin !

We wish you a beautiful and sunny weekend! ☀️ To start today’s Saturday off right, we’ve picked out articles that will bring you up to date. A React cheatsheet is at the top of the list today 📃. The topics will cover Videos as a Code, career moves into AI, and how creating animations has never been easier 🚀. Enjoy reading, Ivy


Cheatsheets – also known as lifesavers, are undoubtedly useful in many complicated situations. Reacts cheatsheet also proves to be a very helpful overview to analyze the library down to the smallest detail. Here you can find the sheet.

Beyza – knows from experience that this is spectacular for cheating.

Remotion’s evolution

Has the time come to say goodbye to editing programs? With Video as a Code, videos can be created programmatically, eliminating the need to rely on editing programs. This way, videos no longer have to be fixed, because changing one line of code brings the entire video series back up to date. That means: videos can no longer become outdated

Kevin – will not be buying birthday presents from now on.

Artificial intelligence – the absolute solution?

A job or career change is something I’m sure everyone has considered. To help with any uncertainty that may arise with this tricky topic, Tech Republic has created a helpful summary of why jobs in the field of Artificial Intelligence are the safest bet. Of course, the fact that the salary in this field is way above average is just a bonus 😉.

Ela – actually finds risks more exciting.

Animations made easy

Animations often make a website or mobile app more intuitive, more playful, and simply more fun to spend time on. But what’s cool for end users is always a headache for developers. For static animations, Lottie is the remedy. Exported from After Effects and included as JSON. It couldn’t be simpler. Find out more here.

Tim – can finally reduce his Ibuprofen intake.


Low-code platforms have become increasingly popular over the past few years, allowing users to create software that operates almost like an app. With low coding, small companies can compete with larger ones for talent, setting out additional open doors for business visionaries. On the off chance that you’re hoping to fabricate an application however don’t have a huge improvement group or spending plan, low-code could be what you really want.

Tanzia – will probably never make use of low-code.

You can find more on this topic here.



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