What Clubhouse and this Hamburg-based startup have in common


Self-doubts: The saboteurs of happiness and success

Self-doubt is more ubiquitous than ever, despite all the pandemic advice. A study by the Bertelsmann Stiftung shows that managers are also frequently plagued by self-doubt. Comparisons with others, high expectations of our own performance, societal pressure – all of these lead us to feel that we are not enough. But self-doubt is dangerous: it prevents us from leaving our comfort zone. They prevent us from our success and happiness.

Startups allow no doubts

12% of all startups were founded during or immediately after a degree. When a business idea takes off, graduates become managers of dozens of people in no time. Startups in particular, which often rely on their employees to go the extra mile, need people at the top who have a vision, motivate and carry them along. This pressure offers no room for self-doubt. Nevertheless: properly dosed, self-doubt can be the basis for self-reflection and provide impetus for further development.

Lockdown under the sign of self-optimization

Personal development was more important than ever in 2020. The lockdown offered plenty of time to work on personal issues that were often neglected because of after work or the gym. A study found that around a third of the more than 2,000 people surveyed by the YouGov polling institute used the first lockdown to optimize themselves. According to the study, e-learning platforms were among the winners of the pandemic and helped Germans to develop personally (36% of respondents).

High Performance Coaches fill Clubhouse rooms

It’s no wonder that speakers and coaches like Thaddaeus Koroma fill rooms with hundreds of people at Clubhouse. For hours, listeners are guided to recognize themselves and make more of their own lives. They all want the same thing: Goodwill toward themselves, belief in themselves, being their own best friend.

A startup wants to boost self-confidence

The Hamburg-based startup matched.io, which has developed a matching technology especially for software developers, wants to encourage people to be themselves. Co-founder Manuela Sayin says “Self-confidence is like a buildable muscle. We have to learn to believe in ourselves. Courage is often more important than self-confidence in this regard.”.

The startup has developed a technology that brings together applicants and companies whose mindset and vision match. Among other things, the platform offers its users a chat with several people from HR and the specialist department. “With this, we want to give people the opportunity to get to know each other in a relaxed way in the first step and build trust without sitting directly in a video interview,” says the co-founder. matched.io wants to support people in the future in finding out what they are burning for. The starting signal for this is a video based on a Runner’s High. It shows a female developer, shaped by external influences, torn between her own passion and social recognition. In juxtaposition to her former self, the developer is reminded of who she is. Euphoric, she gathers all her strength, leaves her comfort zone and achieves the impossible. A great call for more self-confidence!



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