What matched.io and Data Mesh have in common


Issue No. 10/21


If you’ve always wanted to know how matched.io works and what principles we apply, this newsletter issue is for you! Our Co-Founder and Doctor of Computer Science Stefan explains the principle of the Data Mesh – the new way to implement microservice-based architectures without having to spend time with centralized Data Lakes.

But we don’t just want to talk about Data Mesh at matched.io. This issue is about satellites , an app for organizing all open windows and a JavaScript library for designers. There are also a few words from Donald Knuth (🤯).

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From centralized Data Lakes to decentralized solutions thanks to Data Mesh

Software teams are increasingly transforming their monolithic applications into a microservice-based architecture. But as long as Data Lakes are organized in a centralized way, teams are deprived of some of their flexibility. Data Mesh is a concept that avoids centralized Data Lakes and assigns each application its own Data pipeline, which in turn brings individual requirements. matched.io implements the Data Mesh principle using ksqlDB, based on Confluent Cloud and Apache Kafka.

Stefan – can read this text without taking a breath.

Here are insights to the data mesh principle.

In 226 days around the world.

NASA and the telecommunications company AT&T joined forces to launch the first civilian communications satellite into space on July 10, 1962 – thus sending the first live television pictures across the Atlantic. Although Telstar 1 orbited the Earth for only 226 days, it laid the foundation for all subsequent commercial satellites (Elon, we see you!).

Lina – currently planning her expedition into space.

Take a look at the origin of Telstar 1.

Creative Coding

Especially the JavaScript library p5.js is suitable for everyone who wants to be creative with code. It allows you to implement impressive visualizations on a high creative level and to experiment with data. And the best thing is: you don’t need a lot of previous experience! The project runs directly in the web browser – it couldn’t be easier!

Lucie – has a hard time closing her tabs.

Read more.

Foto via @sequelaen auf Reddit

An app that organizes all open windows

The app Magnet is a must for all Mac users who often have many windows open at the same time. Magnet helps you have an organized desktop at all times by “magnetizing” the windows to fit the screen perfectly. All you have to do is drag the open apps to the edge of the screen – alternatively, you can also set shortcuts. However, you currently have to put €7.99 on the table for Magnet.

Philipp – is breaking his piggy bank right now.

This way to the app.

A conversation with Donald Knuth

For over 2.5 hours, Lex Fridman talks with Turing Award winner and father of algorithm analysis Donald Knuth about OpenAI and Codex (both topics from our second-to-last issue on September 4 😉), but also about low-code, algorithms, of course, and his way of coping with life.

Charly – has added an algorithm checklist to his daily life.

Listen to the podcast here.



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