Which AI has the best eye?


Issue No. 15/22


Have you noticed the first half of the year is already over? Time flies when you are always kept up to date with exciting tech news 😉. Today we have the new JavaScript framework – Fresh 🍋 – on the list, which has some exciting features to offer. Topics like Google’s new image synthesis, the release of a new JavaScript Runtime and a list of the best programming languages to learn are also included today. Enjoy reading, Ivy

Everything is better when it’s Fresh 🍋

Recently, Deno announced their latest web framework – Fresh – which they claim is the next generation of framework. But what exactly does it offer? Just-in-Time-Rendering and Zero Runtime Overhead are just part of the bells and whistles. Essentially, Fresh replaces the variables in a template file with their actual values and converts the template into an HTML file.

Kevin – finds the topic quite exciting, doesn’t really know why.

Google vs. Meta vs. OpenAI – which AI has the best eye?

After OpenAI took a big step in AI image generation with DALL-E 2 in spring 2022, Google is now following suit with images. The text-to-image diffusion model with deep language understanding can generate photorealistic images from text specifications. There’s the occasional laughing llama diving in a pool without getting wet. Here you can read more.

Lina – is now learning programming instead of painting.

Blazingly fast JavaScript

All good things come in threes, which is why there is another JavaScript runtime called bun. What sounds cute is supposed to have a lot of power. According to its own data, bun outperforms both Node.js and Deno by miles. What’s even cooler, TypeScript, JSX, environment variables and much more work out of the box without any annoying configuration. Still, it’s just a beta version, more information you can find here .

Tim – would rather run a marathon.

Best programming Language 2022

Whether it’s out of interest, boredom or to get a better paying job – learning another programming language can only bring benefits. But which language should it be? This article lists which languages will help you most to broaden your horizons and hopefully your wallet 💸.

Beyza – can finally add a second skill to her Tech Stack.



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