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Issue No 01/21

Moin! The best moments all have one thing in common: we don’t spend them alone, but with other people. And because that’s a little difficult right now, we, the team at matched.io, talk about what moves us. The Ivy Times is an email about tech, about mindset and about everything that drives us. Enjoy reading 👀

“Everyone is different and productive in their own way.”

Transparent budget plans, flexibility and personal responsibility. True to the motto: If you don’t like something, just change it! Jonas explains why code is a means to an end and when a resume is counterproductive. He recommends other developers to talk about their code, ask for feedback and believe in themselves.

Ela – currently shredding her resume.

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Developers are the rock stars of the working world

In the Entrepreneurs Talk podcast, I talk about why developers are the real visionaries, what we can learn from the Israeli mindset, and why the red thread in your resume makes your parents happy at best.

Ela – still consoling her parents to this day.

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Notion got me hooked!

I’ve tried a lot of note apps, but I’ve never been completely happy due to severely limited media and sorting options. I was introduced to Notion through a YouTube video. The intuitive design, shortcuts and templates, as well as the countless structure and media elements immediately got me hooked. True to the motto “Endless Possibilities”, there is even an embedded coding field with proper coloring depending on the programming language. Once you get some structure, Notion is like a little side brain.

Lisa – finally has her life together.

When the structure breaks away

I long for fresh thoughts, new impulses and unfamiliar perspectives. And slowly the longing becomes overwhelming: I finally want to get out again. Out of the apartment – and out of myself. A post on Instagram along with its comments has cheered me up.

Gilles – grows his own tomatoes now.

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Python has not yet arrived as a popular trend among companies

While many companies and developers find both Java and JavaScript to be common denominators, the gap widens when it comes to Python. In a guest article atit-daily​.​net, I explain why companies should not just rely on Python.

Charly – likes to play rock, paper, scissors.

Of tech stack, business logic and mindset

Sophia reaches for the stars

Together with 13 young women interested in technology, I started a social project to financially support the Sternenbrücke children’s hospice in Hamburg. We wrote and illustrated a children’s book, the entire profit of which will be donated. Via the Instagram page @sophiagreiftnachdenstenen the release of the book will be announced.

Lisa – ready to give girls great courage.



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